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We are passionate
about digital media.

Halls of… is a consultancy based in Munich, Germany.
We help you to understand the business potential of technology and data as the key drivers for transformation and growth in the digital eco-system.


In-depth knowledge and business understanding from the past 20+ years in the digital eco-system


Trusted partner and independent advisor throughout the international digital industry and related associations


We understand the client and the market and provide solutions focused on transformation and growth

What our clients and
partners say


No one market is equal to the other. Therefor you need to understand the specific country characteristics and dynamics to build a successful regional business.

We help you to discover the market opportunity, to build your market-entry-strategy, to connect you to the right people and networks and to define your sweet spot within the market landscape in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or other European markets.

Tech and Data is evolving rapidly and if you want to succeed you need to stay on top of the development, but most importantly you need to transfer your individual business cases into your tech and data solution. We have been involved in the digital transformation of media, marketplaces, advertising and data in the past 20+ years. Based on our experience we are keen to assist you on this exciting journey.

Connect the dots. Simple communication of complex connections is a key driver to reach your target group and this is even more important if you are playing in the technology and data space. We will keep this in mind when we define your individual marketing communication strategy.

Clients and Partnerships

Halls of | Eric Hall - Consultancy in Munich

We connect
the dots.


Within the Halls of… client and partner network, within our association work and the engagement with students every day we meet with Thought Leaders. They might be specialist in a specific field, entrepreneurs or experienced executives. One thing unites us all.

We are curious and committed and we want to grow, develop and sometimes protect our digital eco-system. We are Thought Leaders.

Conferences, Podcasts, Media Coverage and Industry Associations are the platform to drive this development and we understand all this as an integral part of our work at Halls of… . We want to leverage this Thought Leadership for you.

d3con Conference 2023 – Retail-Media-Panel

d3con Conference 2024 – ESG-Panel

Retail Media Circle 2023 
(Keynote & Moderation)


#digitalexperten – Der BVDW-Podcast

Halls of | Eric Hall - Consultancy in Munich
Horizont / Adtech: BVDW beleuchtet den Market der Advertising-Identify-Anbieter, Oktober 2021


Leadership & Career Coaching

You have just started to lead a team, organsation or company or you are just ahead of a new personal devolpment in your career?

Do you need someone who supports you as your coach to reach your goals? I would be excited to assist you on your way based on my personal experiences in different leadership and management roles and through my coaching practise.

„Eric’s coaching provides me with valuable inspiration for my work and enables me to make important changes in perspective. It is particularly helpful for me that Eric himself comes from the field of digital advertising and therefore knows the specific challenges of „my“ industry.“

Jörg Vogelsang


Halls of | Eric Hall - Consultancy in Munich

Food For


Eric Hall is the Founder and Independent Advisor at Halls of …
Eric Hall has worked in the digital media and advertising industry since the late 90s in international media and technology companies like Hubert Burda Media, Scout24-Group, Microsoft, BurdaForward, United Internet Media, PubMatic and Salesforce.
As a digital industry executive he was driving the digital transformation of media, marketplaces, data and advertising by building successful businesses and high performing teams and he was actively involved in industry associations. Today he is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Focus Group Programmatic Advertising in the German Federal Association of the Digital Economy (BVDW e.V.).
Further Eric Hall is a University Lecturer at the Munich Business School, a Member of the d3con Advisory Board, a Founding Member at the Orange Ocean e.V. (environment/ocean protection) and a Board Member of the Association of Neuroesthetics e.V. (platform for arts and neuroscience).

Associations, Universities and NGOs